Good Day everyone!

Here are the names of the 10 winners of the Canada Blooms daily draws!

Brian Stefan, Leanne Verbree, Louise Morin,
Brenda Caswell, Rosa Machado, Roma Toffan,
Sabine Lauffer, Maria Phipps,
Susan Denis and Anne Paré

* Value of $50 worth of daylilies listed on our site, before taxes.
* Two draws per day for the duration of Canada Blooms 2010.
* To claim your prize, please write to us at or call us at 519.924.0409
before April 15th, 2010.
* Plant selection subject to availability.
* Shipping will commence at a date convenient for all parties involved.
* Canada Post Express shipping charges and taxes extra.
* As mentioned on the ballot, we reserve the right to send to your attention 2 promotional reminders
(September 2010 and February 2011).

Congratulations to all winners!
Thanks again for dropping by our booth (which received the Best Booth Award for a space under 100 s.f.!) See you next year, at the same location!



So, thinking about getting seeds from a specific cross but don't want to purchase the parents? That's where we come in handy!

--- If we use one parent registered in 2008-2009-2010, we will guarantee a minimum of 10 seeds for $20*.

Example: Blue Beat X Meet Joe Black

--- If we use any other parents registered in previous years, we will guarantee a mimimum of 10 seeds for $10*.

Example: Blue Hippo X Bluegrass Music

Due to the amount of handling involved in getting seeds ready, minimum combined seed order of 5 crosses. Shipping charges included.

And don't worry, we'll throw some exciting new crosses in the mix as gifts!