The Perfect and Perennial Fundraising Events!
We want to make this world as green as possible!To achieve this goal, education is an essential partner.
However, funds are sometimes lacking. Thatís when we step in!
We have set up a fundraising programme for schools. The way it usually works is quite simple.

A Hands-On Project
After receiving donations from parents and friends, a bed is prepared on the schoolís property by parents and volunteers. The daylilies will then be planted by the students, under our supervision and guidance. We are committed to help in the selection of performing cultivars and the general planting directions to be taken, according to height, blooming time and colour scheme. An agreed-upon percentage of the proceeds is then donated to the school, being the first goal of the fundraiser.

A second goal can be achieved through this programme. Every other year, plants can be divided and sold at auctions, becoming a permanent fundraiser! Whatís there not to love! As part of our commitment, we also donate companion plants to create great-looking beds.

October is without a doubt the best time to do the planning and planting. On top of benefiting from bigger multi-growth plants, you will also be able to throw in spring bulbs (tulips, narcissus, muscariÖ) with your daylilies. As the foliage of the bulbs dies back after blooming, the gracious leaves of the daylilies will then cover them up. Great strategy for small areas!

For more info and referrals, donít hesitate to call or write!